“I lost 30 lbs in 8 weeks!”

After two pregnancies, my weight had gradually crept up. Over a number of years with limited time to dedicate to myself, I had become sedentary, physically unfit and generally unhappy with my appearance. Relying on diet changes alone wasn’t delivering results and with extremely limited time as a mother to four young children to commit to the gym, I was in a rut. Feeling as though I was a fit person stuck in a body I no longer recognized, I decided to take on the CrossBell Fitness challenge. I had contemplated trying other home fitness routines and challenges, but I found most still required a significant time commitment. Many of them seemed daunting as well. I needed something that was appropriate for all ranges of fitness levels.



Faye Armstrong, Client Services Manager Armstrong Warehousing

“I’m stronger and more fit now than I have ever been before.”

I’ve been using the CrossBell program for a few months now and love it! I have total flexibility with it – I complete the workouts in my basement, on my lunch break at work or at my cottage. What I like most about the program is how it’s based on exercise physiology and executed by fitness professionals. I also like how it’s a full body workout – I always feel great after! I’m stronger and more fit now than I have ever been before. Thanks CrossBell!


Dr. Gavin Maxwell, Former Olympic Canoeist

“It makes you focus on your form and getting your reps up.”

Kevin: So here we have Dr Gavin Maxwell, just done the first round of a CrossBell Body blast. Gavin is a chiropractor in Toronto and also an ex-Olympian. What did you think of the program?

Gavin: It was good. Really nice cumulative load through that which is nice. Short and sweet, it gets you going each progression was good. You know, easier movements leading up to it and then a nice metabolic load at the end.

Kevin: Yeah it definitely keeps the heart rate going and you know a lot of times when guys your size that are used to lifting heavy weights pick up 10 pounds they think its going to be a piece of cake and that quickly changes.

Gavin: Yeah that’s good. It makes you focus on your form and getting your reps up. That same workout can be increased by other reps or load in the CrossBell. That’s nice, really good.

Kevin: Alright thanks Dr. Gavin

Gavin: Anytime.


Andre Forrest, Personal Trainer

“Man that was intense – it was good.”

Kevin: So that was 10 minutes of the CrossBell Body Blast – 10 exercises, a minute each one.

What do you think?

Andre: Ridiculous. That was good. That was good. You know how I train, I do training all the time. Muscle man that was intense, it was good.

Kevin: And normally what we would do is take a minute break and then we would go back through and do all 10 of those again. Giving people a great workout in about 10 minutes.

Andre: That’s all you need.

Kevin: I know you’re dripping.

Andre: As I said you know, I don’t slouch around when I train myself.

Kevin: Any of those exercises that you liked more than others?

Andre: It was a good balanced mix and that’s what I liked about it. Intensity wasn’t to the point where you feel like you needed to crap out, but it was right there. Right at the anaerobic threshold. That’s the way I like to train so its all good.

Kevin: That’s awesome, thanks Andre

Andre: Thanks Kev.


Bill Wells, Pro Racer & Triathlete

“Its a good bang for your buck.”

Kevin – So tell us what you think of the CrossBell Body blast?

Bill – It was 25 minutes and a pretty intense 25 minutes. It started off kind of easy and I was thinking maybe I should put more water in here but then the jump squats got my legs and holding that thing up was really hard for 2 minutes.

Kevin – So is there any area that doesn’t feel worked? Your cardio, legs, the whole body?

Bill – Yep the whole body got worked, its a good bang for your buck.

Kevin – And you can imagine putting sand or marbles in there to make it even heavier, how much more challenging it would be.

Bill – Yeah, I wouldn’t be able to hold it up like this. I can barely hold my arms up right now!

Kevin – Ok thanks Billy

Bill – Thank you


Morgan Roy, Creative Director, Aveda Institute and Academy, Toronto

“I would recommend the CrossBell to anyone!”

The CrossBell is the perfect fit for my lifestyle. Instead of multiple sets of weights I only need my CrossBell. It takes up very little room in my small Toronto downtown apartment. It’s very easy for me to customize the weight needed for my exercise routine, which can vary because of all the countless moves I can do with the CrossBell. I would recommend the CrossBell to anyone! Especially for people that travel and like to workout at home in a small space.


Valerie Morton, Project Lead, Southlake Regional Health Center

“The CrossBell is definitely an asset to have in our home gym!”

As any working mother knows, time is precious, so my workouts have to be efficient and productive but safe. The CrossBell most definitely provides all those aspects. If the weight is too light, I just increase the water content. If it’s too heavy, I decrease the water. Simple and quick. The unique design allows me to use the weight with many different types out workouts, so I’m not having to constantly switch weights and equipment. When I’m finished, I empty the water, and can leave it in plain sight without having to worry about my little one picking it up and dropping it on her foot.

The CrossBell is definitely an asset to have in our home gym!


Karyn Climans, Tail Wags Helmet Covers, President

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed integrating the CrossBell in to my fitness program”

As a busy entrepreneur, I don’t have a lot of time to workout. I need to be able to exercise intensely for short periods of time whether I’m at my office or out of town on business. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed integrating the CrossBell in to my fitness program because it’s compact and I can vary the amount of weight according to the type of workout I’m doing. For example, filling the CrossBell half full of water provides the ideal amount of resistance for my upper body workouts. For lower body exercises, I use 2 CrossBells full of water.

One of the greatest features of the CrossBell is its’ compact size. Two of them easily fit in a file cabinet drawer – out of sight from clients. They also fit easily into my suitcase and, when empty, don’t add a lot of weight to my luggage.

I highly recommend CrossBell as a lightweight and easy to carry alternative to a set of dumbbells.


Jennifer Kuzuian, Account Management

“Completely transformed my body and performance”

For me training isn’t about the amount of time I spend training, but the quality of training. I have been training for a number of years and it wasn’t until I integrated CrossBell into my training that I completely transformed my body and performance. Perfecting my form and enhancing my cardiovascular performance.

The convenience of the CrossBell is an added bonus as I could do all of my training in my living room. When traveling I simply empty the CrossBell and bring along with me. Since integrating CrossBell into my training program I can’t imagine training without it!


Everton A. Gooden, BSc, MD, FRCSC, Otolaryngology/Head and Neck Surgery

“The CrossBell has revolutionized the way I work out.”

The CrossBell has revolutionized the way I work out. As a busy medical professional I need to maximize the intensity of my workouts in the shortest possible time. The versatility of the CrossBell allows me to do just that. I can use it to do a total body workout and the variety of exercises available prevents me from getting bored. If you are serious about getting results, you need to get the CrossBell. Once you try the CrossBell you will never go back to dumbbells again.

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